The KTV Room

Members will be allowed to book the KTV room on a daily basis  for a minimum of 2 hours.


First drink charge at $6.00+ per person (inclusive of 2 hours' room charge, beer, glass of wine, whisky, spirits or soft drinks)

Minimum charge of $24.00+ may apply for an individual member using the entire room.

Weekend Family package at $72.00+ (inclusive of 2 hours' room charge, 2 jugs of soft drinks and 1 jug  of beer)


1. Members are to  book the KTV Room through the Front Desk.

2. Members can collect the key from Barker Lounge and place their orders.

3. Bookings will be in blocks of 2 hours.

4. If members would like to continue beyond the first 2 hours booked, provided there is no prior booking, a first drink charge will be levied per member.


1. Members are not allowed to remove any equipment from the room.

2. No outside food and drinks are allowed in the KTV room.