A British flag was raised here in 1819 when Sir Stamford Raffles, founder of modern Singapore, first landed in Singapore. Since then, the Padang represents the very essence of colonial Singapore. Chosen by Raffles as a recreation area when he laid out the plans of the city; it has remained the site of the Singapore Cricket Club and the Singapore Recreation Club

A plain unrelieved by trees or hills, it was a centre of colonial life for sporting events and social gatherings. Today, the Padang maintains its original use as a recreational space, and games like cricket and rugby are sometimes being played here.

Opportunities to rent the Padang are available for games, corporate training, movie and sports screenings, as well as concerts.

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For more information about rental of The Padang, please contact:

Alia Chua, Events Sales Executive at 6595 0561 or email alia.sports@src.org.sg