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There will come a time when you have to make careful decisions when buying a club membership. Before you do so, there are many factors that need to be considerably weighed.

Issues on stable membership prices, the number of amenities available, sufficient reserves and a good management team are but few of them. Our Membership Services department helps you to make informed decisions on your membership with the Club, and we endeavour to provide all our members with an experience that no other clubs can offer ... We promise you that.

Firstly we must know that there are, at present, two categories of clubs.

A members’ club entails the fact that the members together, OWN the club premises. Generally, the more established clubs and have been around longer, like the Singapore Recreation Club fall into this category.

A proprietory club constitutes a main proprietor owning the Club premises and NOT the members. Undoubtedly, the newer clubs join this category. Presently, the law on club membership places the burden almost entirely on the prospective buyer to protect himself against the proprietor.

A person who buys membership in a proprietory club must examine carefully the terms of the contract between himself and the proprietor. He must be aware that, while he can protect himself against the proprietor increasing the total number of memberships indefinitely (by ensuring that the contract contains terms limiting the number of members), he still cannot protect himself against a proprietor selling the club premises.

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