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Acrylic Pour Painting Workshop
Acrylic Pour Painting Workshop
16 December, 2021
2:00pm - 3:30pm
Lounge 1883

Come explore your creativeness and join us for the acrylic pour painting workshop! This workshop is open to both adults and kids.

Acrylic pour painting, also known as flow art, is a technique and form of abstract art that uses acrylic paints to create paintings with natural flowing patterns. Layers of acrylic paint are poured into a cup and combined to create an organic free-flowing abstract.

Take this opportunity to use your imagination and express your creativity!

All materials will be provided at the workshop, participants will get to bring home their completed canvas pieces, and a bottle of white glue. Acrylic paints will also be provided during class.

SRC Member $55+
Guest $65+

No cancellation will be allowed 1-week before the event.

Closing date for registration is Monday, 6 December 2021. Do register now at or email Ms Magdelene Lim Romario at

Contact: Magdelene Lim Romario
T: 6595 0548