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Dining-in at F&B Outlets From 22 November Onwards
22 November 2021

In line with the Government’s announcement on 20 November 2021, up to 5 fully vaccinated persons are allowed to dine in together at our F&B outlets with effect from 22 November 2021, regardless of whether the group members are from the same household or not.


All members and guests must wait to be seated and abide by the Club’s dress code rules.


·      Proof of vaccination must be provided to our staff upon request.

·      Unvaccinated individuals may not dine in.

·      If there is more than one child aged 12 years and below in the group of 5 persons, all children must be from the same household. An individual aged more than 12 years may sit together with a child from a different household.


Operating Hours

B@Campo                   : 12pm to 11pm daily

Esplanade Kitchen      : 3pm to 10.30pm daily

Poolside Cafe              : 11am to 9pm daily


c.a.a. 22 November 2021